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Given that indeed there appear to be falls throughout the wedding rates at age 59 and related rises from the age 60 to have widows i after that read the Theory 2 by using the fashion in marriage counts within this two years old 60. This enables me to look at just how localized the change into the behavior would be. I explore counts within this study just like the no investigation you will definitely provide credible denominators getting monthly cost. Due to the fact found from the greatest committee out-of Figure 5, for the 1979 to help you 1995 period this new peak number of marriage ceremonies having widows contained in this 24-day variety ‘s the week of the female’s 60th birthday celebration, with especially higher matters about 3 months following good woman’s 60th birthday. A-sharp decrease in the weeks ahead of their own 60th birthday celebration precedes so it level. That it pattern is comparable, but not while the pronounced regarding age preceding this new 1979 rules change.

One month until the 60th birthday, the marriage number was 72 per cent less than the brand new standard week (here is the premier deviation on baseline)

Panel A good (detailed analytics) means that for the 1979–1995 several months, the newest level quantity of marriage ceremonies to own widows inside 24-few days range ‘s the female’s 60th birthday, having particularly high counts from the 3 months adopting the a beneficial female’s 60th birthday. A sharp reduction in the few months prior to the 60th birthday precedes you to level. Which trend is similar to, yet not due to the fact pronounced about ages preceding the newest 1979 law changes.

Committee B descriptors: Y-axis = Commission difference of -24 months away from 60th birthday; X-axis = Months off 60th birthday (-23 because of +23).

Panel B (regression show) shows that discover 10 days just after years 59 (60th birthday, +step 1, +2, +step 3, +8, +12, +18, +22, +23, +couple of years) where in actuality the marriage counts are mathematically and you may economically highest about post-1979 legislation months according to brand new pre-1979 legislation months. New trend inside the 60th birthday celebration was dramatic. The fresh new counts in all days preceding the newest 60th birthday will be same otherwise below the fresh new baseline month (2 years up until the 60th birthday celebration). Additionally, just how many marriages for the 60th birthday try 56 percent higher than the fresh new standard day. These types of matters was statistically different from each other from the 1 % level. You to, dos, and you will 90 days following 60th birthday celebration, the amount of marriage ceremonies has been 52, 36, and you will 25 % greater than this new baseline times, suggesting that the relationship punishment in the Social Defense try very important on women who are extremely next to years 60. (Complete regression results are found in Appendix Table step three.)

Notes: Adjusted number of ong widows about week and you may season group. Speaking of simply off says that were on the MRA having all of the years between 1968 and 1995 hence reported earlier in the day marital updates to their marriage certificates. Get a hold of Appendix Dining table step three to have statistical significance of personal coefficients.

I’ve 28 many years of studies and rehearse the months within 2 yrs of one’s 60th birthday, to own a total of step 1,372 observations

ln ( marriage count month , year ) = ? + ? ? ( month ) + ? ? ( month * after 1979 law change ) + ? ? ( year ) + ? , where < month>

Our very own mainly based variable ‘s the sheer journal of your own month-to-month amount from marriages, according to brand new 60th birthday. Our very own separate variables were week dummies, with a couple of years till the 60th birthday omitted; and you will a relationships involving the day dummies and you may perhaps the date months are 1979 or later. I additionally include season dummies so you can make up the potential for an occasion development in-marriage matters, with the excluded group of 1968.

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