Hughes next teaches you you to sacrifices have to be generated in the event that Edolas should be to features eternal Miracle

Gray gets stuck in the surface but manages to avoid and you may tries to attack Sugarboy, however, his periods most of the become liquids due to Sugarboy’s phenomenal product which softens his periods, and at the same time Lucy manages to discharge Natsu out of the fresh roller coaster and they end up in a lake. Resentful, Lucy summons Aquarius however, soon finds out you to definitely Aquarius is unable to handle the water by way of Hughes and rating washed towards the a troubled home.

The newest King and you may Byro talk about its plans of using brand new Dragon Chain Cannon going to the new Lacrima into the Extalia, that have Byro forking over an important of the canon in order to Faust. Simply up coming Coco will come and you can tries to give new King so you can delay their agreements because the Lily is assaulting close to the Lacrima, however, the guy refuses and you can states this dying makes little difference. Coco, who’s inside surprise, steals the main and you may works away but the Queen and you will Byro just be sure to stop their unique from the attacking their particular base, but she still continues on powering aside.

Natsu after that chooses to make use of the server, assured one to Hughes will get sidetracked by the Lucy in the an excellent alluring outfit, nevertheless goes wrong miserably

When you find yourself Natsu continues attacking Hughes with his army regarding beast mannequins, Lucy runs outside and you can shocks into Coco. Shortly after, Byro shows up and you will demands for the key, and therefore Lucy errors on her behalf Celestial Heart important factors, and chooses to defend Coco away from Byro.

As they begin assaulting Lucy summons Taurus to fight American mulheres bonitas against Byro but discovers you to Byro’s Secret pertains to throwing h2o having varying effects, that takes away Taurus immediately. She upcoming summons Virgo who is able to pitfall Byro in a great pithole for some time, up until the guy requires a water hence transforms your toward a big humanoid octopus. Realizing that Lucy is using enough Wonders in order to summon the brand new Zodiac Spirits, Virgo decides to promote their own a beneficial celestial whip to help her within her competition up against Byro. Lucy uses the brand new whip so you’re able to tie up Byro’s tentacle and you will directs him crashing towards a wall surface just as Natsu is able to punch Hughes from wall surface towards other side, knocking her or him one another away. With the knowledge that Natsu and you can Lucy is dependable, Coco decides to give them the main and get them to avoid the King’s plan, but before they make key, Sugarboy appear and you may snatches they aside. In the near future, Grey comes to the a motorcycle and you will chases after Sugarboy. Immediately after an initial pursue, Gray manages to catch up and you can finds out the key try what they desire to interact new canon. Grey then play with his Frost-Make: Floor and then make Sugarboy crash on the a wall surface.

Gray up coming holds the primary and you can encases it inside the ice; given that regal military demands an important, Sugarboy cannot have fun with his Magic toward frost, to possess concern with ruining the main. While you are Grey continues cold the main, it actually starts to split and Sugarboy tries to rating Gray in order to stop because they must key to use the cannon, which will surely help conserve people they know. Gray however does not want to tune in and you will shatters the main, plus doing Sugarboy regarding. When he walks out, Sugarboy mocks your stating he’s got lost all of the likelihood of rescuing people they know, however, Grey just laughs and you may claims they can make a reproduction together with his freeze.

Back on troubled family, Natsu and Lucy awaken and you will Lucy finds out by herself inside the an effective machine which switches their attire

Whenever Natsu captures right up, they are a tiny astonished observe the main destroyed, however learns you to Gray can create a reproduction hence they are able to put it to use to show visitors back once again to normal. Once, Erza Knightwalker (in fact Erza Vivid red in the disguise) shows up and you will grabs him or her. Natsu and Grey try later viewed apparently unconscious and you will tied, are taken from the Erza past an entrance so you’re able to in which the cannon are. Erza says to Gray to create a duplicate of your trick, secretly seeking smack the Lacrima toward cannon, however the plan goes wrong and you may Erza informs Natsu to go, slamming out some of the soldiers given that she requires the new King due to the fact hostage. The brand new Mages following acquisition brand new soldiers to evolve the goal of the fresh new canon to the Lacrima in itself, however the plan is thwarted by the Erza Knightwalker whom appears out of more than and you can periods World Residential property Erza, launching this new King and you will returning the newest cannon so you can their fresh target in the process, which then fireplaces. Lucy following will come which have Coco with the a good Legion to store and you will grab anyone to help you Extalia and avoid this new Lacrima, and you will Erza Knightwalker incisions their own locks whilst to not confuse herself that have Erza Bright red and now have show their particular commitment.

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